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Our full event management service includes event consultation, event design, logistics planning and on-site management.  

We help with everything related to delegate management and creative design, from building registration websites to organizing the travel details of your delegates. 

Whether you’re looking for an engaging conference experience or an eye-catching exhibition stand to showcase your organization, you’ll need an experienced event production team to back you up.

We mix creativity with technology to ensure your events not only look amazing but inspire, engage and leave a lasting impression on your audience.


We provide consultation, planning and technical support to ensure your audio/visual/lighting needs are met.


For all live events, our AV team will test, pack and deliver all audio/visual and lighting equipment onsite, conduct pre-flight checks and operate the equipment throughout the event.


We also offer webcasting services should you want to reach out to a larger audience.


Going digital with virtual events need not be painful. No matter where on earth your team or audience are located, allow us to bring your people together with an immersive digital experience.


We know you’re busy, which is why we create, manage and facilitate exceptionally engaging virtual events so you can meet and exceed your strategic goals with confidence.


From planning, execution, security and even post-event analytics and follow up, our end-to-end virtual/hybrid event solutions will help you meet and engage.  We’ll handle the setup, tech and live moderation to ensure a seamless flow of communication between you and your team/audience.


From conceptualisation to production, our passionate, young and vibrant team starts every project with brainstorming ideas and experiences. We take our mood board and present it to you. 


Hearing your feedback and comments, we further enhance our ideas and start our mockup via 3D or scaled-down props for further feedback. 


Our next step is where our skillful team of fabricators will create and shape to expectations and installation. 


Throughout this whole process, we encourage each other with feedback and comments to ensure the best outcome and detailing to bring any creation to life. 


Illumination is all about creating a visual feast for your eyes and adds magic to your event.


Backed by our own in-house team of lighting specialists and designers, we can deliver tailor-made bespoke lighting solutions to augment your event and wow your guests with awe-inspiring décor,


clever lighting design and carefully curated touches. All electrical works are also done in-house, as well any licensing and submissions.


In every event and any significant moments, we all want to capture and share those memories. 

Our team of photographers & videographers are there to help you capture it while you enjoy every part of the event.


We believe that every picture is unique and no matter how many times we try it will never be the same again. Which makes our team very dedicated to making sure each moment is captured.


We offer an elite group of professional interpreters, all of whom are experienced interpreters in international conferences worldwide. Many of our interpreters accompany government officials and several are former United Nations interpreters.


Simultaneous Interpretation

This is real-time interpretation, done simultaneously as the speaker is giving his speech. Simultaneous interpreters deliver their interpretation from an enclosed booth on-site; the target audience will listen to the interpretation via individual headsets. Due to the intensity of real-time interpretation, simultaneous interpreters will always work in pairs.


Consecutive Interpretation

In consecutive interpretation, speakers have to pause after every few minutes to allow the interpreter time to interpret. Consecutive interpretation works best in face-to-face meetings such as negotiations.

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